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Signs of financial abuse when seeking innocent spouse relief

All you technically need to prove, when seeking innocent spouse relief, is that you signed a joint return with your spouse and that you were not aware of erroneously reported income that resulted in an unfair fine.

That second part, however, may prove harder to show if all it comes down to is your spouse’s word against your own. When dealing with this sort of tax controversy, it helps to have documentation of clear signs of unfair financial control. This includes signs of financial abuse that may lead the courts to believe that you had no knowledge or control over the outstanding taxes.

Actual knowledge and access

As Marriage.com details, one of the biggest signs of financial abuse revolves around your access and awareness of your finances. If your spouse insists on scrutinizing every purchase you make while keeping you in the dark about his or hers, that may leave holes in your awareness over your money. There are cases of spouses outright denying access to the marital income and instead giving you a certain allowance.

Eligibility in the confusion

It may be easy to feel out of control of your life when you lack agency with your money. Things feel even more stressful when the IRS threatens your livelihood by charging you with alleged tax crimes. When your spouse mishandles your joint return and you have no idea, you may qualify as an innocent spouse for tax relief.

It is important to learn more about your situation and your options when facing the ramifications of a tax controversy you had no control over.