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Phase 1: Investigation

At this stage of the process, your retained tax attorney will call the IRS and/or state tax entity and begin investigating what is really going on with your tax situation. During this call, your tax relief attorney will obtain all of your balances with collection statute expiration dates, order account transcripts and see if anything can be resolved during the investigation call.

Unlike other tax resolution services in Orange, California, Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, will not charge you extra for any resolution completed during the investigation call or if we find that some of your balances are automatically expiring from your total tax liability.

Important Note: During investigation calls, often times the IRS will establish dates of when it needs certain information by, otherwise you will be placed in active collection status. Be aware of companies that omit this information and place you in a worse situation.

Next, we move to Phase 2, where we work to resolve your tax matter.