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Representation For IRS Tax Audits

Did you receive a letter from the IRS with questions about certain deductions you claimed? If so, it’s important not to panic or disregard the letter. While a potential IRS audit can be overwhelming and stressful, it’s essential to take action to ensure your rights are protected.

The best way to navigate an IRS audit is to seek help from a skilled tax professional. At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, our attorney helps you navigate the complexities of your audit. We provide tax audit representation, but we can also help ensure your rights are upheld during the process.

IRS Tax Audits

IRS audits are conducted to ensure the appropriate amount of revenue is received by the government and to increase tax compliance. To do this, they calculate taxpayer’s deductions in accordance with their income levels. If your deductions vary greatly from the IRS’ computations, the chance of them citing an error on your return is likely. However, in many cases, tax laws are subjective, meaning they are open to interpretation.

Tax Audit Representation

Tax audit representation is a tax debt resolution service. When you seek tax audit representation, a skilled tax or legal professional will represent you before the IRS during the audit process. The IRS permits CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents to represent taxpayers during income audits.

Audit representatives are skilled with the strategies and tax knowledge necessary to defend you during an audit. They will assist you in key actions such as gathering and preparing all the documents requested by the IRS. Additionally, they will handle all correspondence with your IRS agent and attend meetings on your behalf.

Audit Representation At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC

Our attorney knows that IRS audit agents sometimes attempt to expand the scope of the original audit. For example, they may try to add additional years or claims outside of and in addition to the tax return or deductions in question. Attorney Becky can help limit the scope of your audit and minimize the data the IRS has access to. Some ways Attorney Becky provides her expertise during the audit process include:

  • Saving you money
  • Ensuring you don’t pay anything additional beyond what you owe
  • Protecting your rights as a taxpayer
  • If necessary, presenting installment agreements or offers in compromise
  • Eliminating suggested debt
  • Appealing or defending your audit
  • Identifying the specific section of your return that’s being audited.

Experienced Audit Representation

At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, we help you deal with the complexities and challenges of a tax audit. We understand the stress business owners and others face during IRS audits. We work to reduce that stress and provide you with the peace of mind you need when dealing with the IRS.

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