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Phase 2: Resolution

After the Investigation, our attorney at Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, will determine the best route to take in order to resolve your tax liability.

Tax Relief Options

Depending on your specific circumstances, below are few of the many tax relief options that may be available in your tax dispute.

Installment Agreement

An agreement that allows you to pay your tax debt in equal and more affordable amounts.

Penalty Abatement

Under certain circumstances, some of the penalties consuming a large portion of your tax debt may be removed

Innocent Spouse Relief

Joint tax return filed with mistakes and/or omissions, you didn’t know. Not fair to hold you liable for liability.

Identity Theft

Someone else filed a return in your name, protect your identity.

Offer In Compromise

Settle your tax debt for less than the amount owed. Certain requirements needed to qualify.

Wage Garnishment Release

Liability is satisfied, releasing garnishment.

Audit Reconsideration

Tax professional defends your position when audited.

Lien Withdrawal

Tax liability resolved, liens withdrawn to help credit report.

Bank Levy Release

Resolution plan put into action or tax debt paid, releasing the levy

Currently Not Collectible

Due to economic hardship, stops collection action

File Missing Returns

Resolution cannot be completed without filing all missing tax returns

State Tax Issues

Depending on your tax issue with the state, we may be able to help you resolve it.

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