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What To Know About Unfiled Tax Returns

Nonfilers can face a host of penalties and fees for failing to file their returns. These consequences will likely depend on how long your return was left unfiled and how many unfiled returns you have. In general, the IRS will apply interest on the tax due from a missing return, meaning the longer a taxpayer takes to pay the debt, the more interest it will accrue and the more they will owe.

If you know you have an unfiled return, it’s best to get on top of the situation before the IRS contacts you. If you are unsure of how to file your taxes or have a complex tax situation, you should work with a skilled tax professional who can assist you in gathering the information and documentation you need to file an outstanding return.

If you wait too long, the IRS may file your return, which can result in a huge tax liability. When the IRS files a return on your behalf, they will not include any tax breaks like deductions or exemptions, resulting in a higher tax debt. Additionally, they will include interest and other fees into their calculations. The resulting inflated tax bill can have a huge impact on your finances.

Tax Representation At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC

Many American taxpayers fail to file their tax returns for a variety of reasons. At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, pit attorney understands that sometimes unpredictable circumstances and situations arise causing people to forget their returns and in doing so, rack up tax debt. We are committed to helping taxpayers resolve their tax debt with the IRS and reach a favorable outcome. Some of the ways Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, can help you avoid tax debt from unfiled returns include:

    • Requesting income transcripts (in the case you have lost your old W-2 or 1099)
    • Pursuing penalty relief from the IRS
    • Handling communications with the IRS on your behalf
    • Collecting and organizing documents requested by the IRS

These are just a couple of ways we can assist you in resolving issues related to your unfiled return.

Choose Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, For IRS Representation

At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, our attorney can help you with the complexities of remedying the issues surrounding your unfiled return. To schedule a consultation with our experienced tax resolution lawyer, call our office located in Orange at 877-938-1350 or fill out our online contact form.