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Is It Possible to Get a W2 from a Closed Business?

The W-2 tax form shows your salary information and the amount of federal, state, and other taxes an employer withholds from your paycheck. You need this document when filing your state and federal taxes. To ensure you have this form on top, the IRS requires that businesses send their employees the W-2 form no later than Jan. 31 following the close of the tax year, which is usually Dec. 31. However, what happens if your employer closes or goes bankrupt before you receive the W-2? If you run into this situation, contact Morgan Sebastian Law. Our tax attorney can guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Steps to Take Before the Business Closes

If you are still working at the company before it closes, ensure that the owners have your contact information and save your final pay stub. Remember, some businesses use a third-party company to run payroll services. If that is the case, find out which party will be issuing W-2 statements. You can do this by asking the owner or a supervisor. Finding this information out is vital to ensuring you receive your form and file taxes on time. If you do not ask and the employer does not instruct the payroll company to issue W-2s, it might be challenging to get a status update for a missing form.

Contact the IRS about a Missing W-2 Form

If you do not receive your W-2 form by Jan. 31, contact your past employer. If you still do not have the form or attempts to contact your employer fail, call the IRS at 1 877-938-1350. Remember, the IRS will not step in until after Feb. 14. Once you provide the required information, a representative may try to contact your employer. In the meantime, they might send you Form 4582, which is a substitute for the W-2. If the IRS cannot contact the business or you do not receive the W-2 in time, complete the substitute form and send it in with your taxes.

What Information Does the IRS Need for a Missing W-2?

Before you contact the IRS, you must gather the information they need to assist you. The information they need includes your name, social security number, and contact information. You will also need the name of your employer and their contact information. If possible, try to provide the IRS with the employer identification number. You can find this information on previous W-2 forms. Additionally, the IRS will ask for your annual wages earned and total federal income tax withheld, which you can find on your last pay statement. Finally, they will need the start and end dates of your employment.

About Form 4582

Form 4582 differs from the standard W-2 form. In addition to providing wage and federal income tax withholding information, you will also need to include information about state income tax. Remember, you might live in a region where there is also local income tax, and you will need to report that too. Form 4582 also requires that you explain previous attempts to obtain the W-2 form, such as contacting your former employer or the payroll company.

Contact Morgan Sebastian Law for Help with Your Taxes

If you are struggling to file your taxes because of a missing W-2 form, do not hesitate to contact Morgan Sebastian Law. Attorney Becky Sebastian can help you navigate the complexities of filing your taxes and tracking down missing information. As a trusted tax resolution lawyer, Attorney Sebastian has years of experience representing employees with various tax-related issues. To schedule a consultation, call 877-938-1350 or complete our contact form.