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One common misconception for many taxpayers is that if they file their taxes each year as they should, they don’t need to worry about an audit. Additionally, many believe they’re unlikely to encounter sizable tax penalties because enforcement measures are more likely to impact someone who earns a significantly higher income. However, these beliefs do not always ring true. Those who make a higher income may have a greater chance of being audited. However, an audit with devastating financial implications can happen to anyone.


While it may take years before the IRS catches on to a tax oversight or mistake, by the time they do engage in a tax enforcement action, considerable interest and tax penalties may have already accrued. In such instances, the outstanding tax may become unfeasible for the taxpayer to pay or constitute a significant hardship.


At Morgan Sebastian Law, seek the help of a tax relief professional and experienced federal and state tax lawyer committed to mitigating the consequences faced by taxpayers who have accidentally strayed from compliance with the U.S. Tax Code. To schedule a free and confidential 30-minute consultation with a seasoned tax professional at Morgan Sebastian Law, call (877) 223-6605.

What Is the IRS Offer in Compromise Program?

In cases where you owe far more tax debt than what you could feasibly pay, you may be eligible for the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program. This tax relief option settles a taxpayer’s obligations with the IRS for less than the amount to be paid. An OIC might not be the optimal solution for your situation, as not everyone is eligible and you must meet several conditions. At Morgan Sebastian Law, a seasoned tax debt attorney can help you learn your options and whether an OIC is one of them.

At What Point Should I Consider Tax Relief & When Do I File?

If you’ve received a notice in the mail from the IRS detailing the unpaid tax debt that is due and owing, you may ask for a hearing and possibly exercise the Collections Due Process (CDP) practices. An IRS notification that prompts the CDP will probably be titled or have a comparable subject to:


  • Notice of Jeopardy Levy and Right of Appeal

  • Post Levy Collection Due Process Notice

  • IRC 6320 – Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filing and Your Right to a Hearing

  • Final Notice – Notice of Intent to Levy and Your Right to a Hearing


You can file IRS Form 12153—Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent hearing—to request a CDP hearing. However, you must file it within 30 days of receiving the last intent to collect notification.


Your tax relief attorney will provide details as to why the recovery measure is inaccurate or unjustified at your CDP hearing. Additionally, your tax relief attorney should submit an alternate proposal to the IRS concerning the recovery action.

Tax Relief Through Bankruptcy

The answer is not always clear when considering bankruptcy as a suitable approach to expel tax debt. Bankruptcy can help dispose of many tax liabilities, and it can halt the IRS or state tax agencies’ collection efforts while you are in the process of filing bankruptcy.


A tax relief lawyer at Morgan Sebastian Law will guide you toward tax relief and determine whether the tax-motivated bankruptcy process is the best option for you.

Relief Through Collections Due Process

Taxpayers may choose to pursue the Collection Appeals Program as a tax relief option. This, however, is a permanent decision once you’ve started with this appeals program. For this reason, you must relinquish your rights to later appeal for federal relief actions.


If you wish to engage in the Collection Appeals Program, you must first receive one of the following notices:


  • Notice of Seizure

  • Notice of Levy

  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien

  • Denial of Installment Agreement

  • Termination of Installment Agreement

To enter into a Collection Appeals Program, taxpayers must fill out IRS Form 9423, Collection Appeal Request. While this program is often used to appeal the termination or rejection of a payment agreement, taxpayers may also use it as a pathway to relief for other matters.

Consult an Experienced Tax Attorney for Tax Relief Assistance

Lead counsel Becky Rose Sebastian at Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, is highly skilled in providing tax relief guidance for various federal and state tax demands. She can offer support as to whether you are required to provide financials to the IRS. If not, she can help determine whether it would be prudent to do so despite the lack of an obligation.


If you are dealing with an unwarranted hardship to the burden of substantial tax liabilities, penalties, and interest, you might be able to lessen the obligation by asking for tax relief. To speak with Becky about your suitable tax relief options, call (877) 223-6605 to schedule a free consultation or complete our contact form.

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