Peace of Mind

At this stage, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that your tax problem has either been settled or a payment plan or alternative resolution plan has been established. Bottom line is that you are protected from forced collection actions by the IRS and/or state tax entities.**

Important Notes: if you had an Offer accepted, you must remain compliant with your tax obligations for 5 years after the date of acceptance. You must also comply with any additional terms of your Offer.

If an Installment Agreement has been established, you must continue to file your tax returns timely. Any new balances can default your Installment Agreement. 

Additionally, the IRS may place a lien on your property or credit until your Offer amount or liability is paid in full. These liens cannot be prevented, however, the release of the liens can be expedited once your Offer is paid in full or certain terms of your Installment Agreement are met. 

**Protection from forced collection actions by IRS and state tax entities depends on your current and future compliance with all tax obligations.

Becky Sebastian is one of the most professional attorneys that I have ever met.   She is very knowledgeable, but is also very kind and does a great job of communicating with her clients. - Armando Z.

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