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The Internal Revenue Code -- sometimes referred to as the U.S. or IRS Tax Code -- is a comprehensive set of tax laws which you are subjected to as a taxpayer. Even though millions of Americans file taxes each year, fulfilling your tax obligations isn’t a smooth process. Whether you’re facing times of economic hardship or have made a mistake while filing your taxes, you could be subject to action by the Internal Revenue Service. Depending on the specific tax matter, you could face an audit, fines, or even criminal consequences.

United States tax law is complex and difficult to interpret. If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding your taxes, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable tax lawyer represent your interests and protect your rights. At Morgan Sebastian Law, we go above and beyond when crafting solutions to IRS disputes. We have spent years negotiating with tax authorities, interpreting tax code, keeping up with changes in U.S. and California tax laws, and helping clients alleviate the emotional and financial burden of their taxes.

IRS Representation in Orange, CA

If you’re an individual taxpayer or run a business and have received a notice that the IRS may audit you, you may feel concerned and stressed about the impending investigation. You might be worried that you’ll owe more in taxes, be required to pay a serious fine, or worse -- face criminal charges. Until you speak with a knowledgeable tax attorney who understands the reality of what you may face, you can’t predict what action the IRS will take against you.


Prepare for an IRS audit with the help of our esteemed IRS tax attorney in Orange. At Morgan Sebastian Law, we have the knowledge you need to develop a specific action plan for your situation that will resolve your most urgent tax issues. We are experienced in matters pertaining to IRS audits and understand the technicalities involved in the settlement process.

How Our IRS Tax Attorney in Orange Can Help You Prevail Against the IRS

With an attorney by your side, you gain client-attorney privilege that you cannot get through a CPA or tax preparer. Attorney-client privilege makes it so that your attorney is exempt from testifying against you in a court of law. If you employ a CPA or non-lawyer to resolve your serious tax matter, the court may order them to testify against you if your case goes to trial.


Tax attorneys know about the various options you may have available to settle your tax debt, which can ultimately protect you or your business from financial ruin. Tax laws and codes change often, and many change yearly. It takes a dedicated and detail-oriented professional to stay abreast of these changes and know how they may help or hurt your situation. Without a tax lawyer looking out for you, you may miss out on programs that could reduce your tax liability.


If the IRS is seeking to collect more taxes or penalties from you, do not confront them without a legal representative. Your financial future is at stake, and you deserve competent legal counsel. When you work with our team, we will take over communications with the IRS, be present during your audit, and guide settlement negotiations. We can help you make the right decisions for your future by applying insight we’ve gained into situations like yours over many years of working with individuals and businesses alike.

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At Morgan Sebastian Law, PC, we’re eager to confront your tax issues head-on. Our tax attorney has significant experience resolving tax matters -- including settling tax debt -- for clients throughout Orange, California and can do the same for you. When you work with us, you will find a compassionate attorney who will provide a sense of relief and peace of mind regarding your financial state.


We’re ready to discuss your tax matters. Call (877) 223-6605 or complete our contact form for a free consultation. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner you can take action to protect yourself from the IRS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Attorneys

What does a tax attorney do?

Tax attorneys specialize in the interpretation and application of tax laws and policies on a federal, state, and municipal level. Most, if not all, tax attorneys have been admitted to the state bar, have a Juris Doctor degree—commonly referred to as a J.D.—and have advanced training in tax law. They’re typically retained in a consultative capacity, though many are involved in litigation and representing clients should a disagreement ever need to be resolved in a courtroom. Tax attorneys use their in-depth understanding of tax law to act as a go-between with their clients and the IRS in the face of adverse tax actions.


When should I hire a tax attorney?


If you’re facing a complex accounting problem or are in trouble with tax authorities—such as owning money in back taxes or facing liens and levies—you may want to reach out to a tax attorney. They’re uniquely equipped to handle legal tax matters like halting wage garnishment, helping with unfiled returns, and devising compromises with the IRS. If you’re considering whether it’s a good time to hire a tax attorney, ask yourself a few questions: Are you being audited by the IRS? Is the IRS pursuing criminal charges? Do you need somebody to communicate with the IRS on your behalf?


Generally, when your tax and legal issues are too complex to handle or your own—or even with the help of your accountant—you should consider hiring a tax attorney.


Is a CPA the same as a tax attorney?


While CPAs and tax attorneys can both help taxpayers, they play different roles. A certified public accountant, or CPA, is a financial adviser that provides consulting services, forensic accounting services, and tax advice, and may also prepare financial statement audits. Occasionally, a CPA may provide expert testimony in court. CPAs offer general accounting assistance and understand how to prepare your tax returns. Tax attorneys go a step further by not only comprehending tax codes, but also understanding the law and administrative rules surrounding the enforcement of those codes. A tax attorney can interpret how the IRS understands and implements laws and systems and are highly skilled in adversarial proceedings and negotiations with the IRS. If you’re in trouble with the IRS or in need of complex legal assistance, consider hiring a tax attorney rather than a CPA.

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